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Tax Returns Sole Traders, Income TAX, VAT, RCT

Tax Returns – Sole Traders, Income TAX, VAT, RCT Stephen Egan Accountants Dublin : We deal with Tax Arrears Cases – Killester – D5. Tax Returns sole traders, Income Tax, VAT services in Dublin We offer Personalised Service. · Competitive Rates. · Telephone calls welcome. Dublin accountants and tax advisers, provide VAT services to VAT registered Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships: Preparing and filing VAT Returns VAT interpretation and advice, including advice on …Read More

Vat Returns & Consultancy

VAT RETURNS, VAT3 FORMS, VAT REFUNDS As part of our range of compliance services to clients we can be engaged to prepare a range of vat returns including vat3’s and also annual returns. We also provide advice on a range of vat problems including refunds in respect of purchase of commercial motor vehicles. REGISTRATION A person supplying taxable goods or services must register for vat as soon as it becomes …Read More

Tax Arrears Cases

In a very small number of tax arrears cases, taxpayers often fail to submit tax returns or to make payments for a number of years and over a range of tax heads. We specialise in bringing all returns up- to-date, assisting the client in raising finance and also negotiating payment arrangements with revenue. Sometimes records may have gone missing or have even been destroyed due to fire or flood damage. …Read More

Revenue Settlements & Negotiations

As our recession deepens increasingly many businesses are falling late with their payments. Revenue have indicated that where there are genuine reasons for late payments and where a viable business can be shown to still exist , then they are prepared , under certain circumstances and subject to particular information being provided , to be sympathetic and realistic in their approach. Moreover , they have indicated that they will allow …Read More

Revenue Audit & Investigations

In recent years revenue have conducted a number of investigations including investigations into off-shore bank accounts, bogus non-resident accounts and certain insurance & investment products. Investigations in the near future will focus on non-declared Irish bank deposit interest particularly where deposited funds cannot be legitimately accounted for. Also investigations are on-going and will intensify in the area of overseas property acquired with undeclared Irish income. We specialise in representing people …Read More